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Water separator element for diesel fuel systems. Tractors: 4050, 4650, 4850, 8430, 8440, 8630, 8640.
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Interchange 19797GV,71367686GV,TP-AR86755,TP-AR86755GV,
Net Weight (lbs) 1.48
Brand Baldwin
Make Type Model
Ag-Chem Terra-Gator 1253
Ag-Chem Terra-Gator 1254
Ag-Chem Terra-Gator 1554
Ag-Chem Terra-Gator 1603
Ag-Chem Terra-Gator 1603T
Ag-Chem Terra-Gator 1604T
Ag-Chem Terra-Gator 1663
Ag-Chem Terra-Gator 1803
Ag-Chem Terra-Gator 1844
Allis Chalmers Combine L2
Allis Chalmers Combine M
Allis Chalmers Combine M2
Allis Chalmers Combine MH2
Allis Chalmers Combine N5
Allis Chalmers Combine N6
Allis Chalmers Combine N7
Allis Chalmers Harvesters M
Allis Chalmers Harvesters N7
Allis Chalmers Tractor 200
Ford-New Holland Bale Wagon 1068
Ford-New Holland Bale Wagon 1069
Ford-New Holland Bale Wagon 1075
Ford-New Holland Bale Wagon 1085
Ford-New Holland Bale Wagon 1426
Ford-New Holland Bale Wagon 8500
Ford-New Holland Combine TR70
Ford-New Holland Combine TR75
Ford-New Holland Combine TR85
Ford-New Holland Combine TR86
Ford-New Holland Combine TR87
Ford-New Holland Combine TR95
Ford-New Holland Combine TR96
Ford-New Holland Combine TR97
Ford-New Holland Forage Harvester 1078
Ford-New Holland Forage Harvester 1079
Ford-New Holland Forage Harvester 1880
Ford-New Holland Forage Harvester 1890
Ford-New Holland Forage Harvester 1895
Ford-New Holland Forage Harvester 1900
Ford-New Holland Swathers 1100
Ford-New Holland Swathers 1116
Ford-New Holland Swathers 1496
Ford-New Holland Windrower 1495
Ford-New Holland Windrower 1915
Ford-New Holland Windrower 2100
Ford-New Holland Windrower 2115
John Deere Forage Harvester 5720
John Deere Forage Harvester 5730
John Deere Forage Harvester 5820
John Deere Forage Harvester 5830
John Deere Forage Harvester 6610
John Deere Forage Harvester 6650
John Deere Forage Harvester 6710
John Deere Forage Harvester 6750
John Deere Tractor 4030
John Deere Tractor 4040
John Deere Tractor 4050
John Deere Tractor 4055
John Deere Tractor 4230
John Deere Tractor 4250
John Deere Tractor 4255
John Deere Tractor 4430
John Deere Tractor 4450
John Deere Tractor 4455
John Deere Tractor 4555
John Deere Tractor 4640
John Deere Tractor 4650
John Deere Tractor 4755
John Deere Tractor 4840
John Deere Tractor 4850
John Deere Tractor 4955
John Deere Tractor 7800
John Deere Tractor 8430
John Deere Tractor 8440
John Deere Tractor 8630
John Deere Tractor 8640
Massey Ferguson Tractor 1505
Massey Ferguson Tractor 1805
Steiger Tractor PT225 Bearcat III
Steiger Tractor PT250
Steiger Tractor PT270 Cougar III
Steiger Tractor PTA270 Cougar III
Steiger Tractor ST210 Wildcat III
Steiger Tractor ST225 Bearcat III
Steiger Tractor ST250 Cougar III
Steiger Tractor ST270 Cougar III
Versatile Tractor 160
White Tractor 2-110
White Tractor 2-135
White Tractor 2-155
White Tractor 2-180
White Tractor 2-88
White Tractor 4-150
White Tractor 4-175
White Tractor 4-180
White Tractor 4-210
White Tractor 4-225
White Tractor 4-270

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