BALDWIN FILTERSSKU: PF717 | Minimum Purchase Quantity: 1

Fuel filter element. 3.49 inch high, 2.06 inch diameter. Tractors: L2250 (all), L235, L235DT/F, L2550 (all), L2650 (all), L275, L275DT/F, L2850 (all), L2900 (all), L2950 (all), L3010 (all), L3240 (all), L3250 (all), L3300, L3300DT, L3350 (all), L3410DT/GST/HST, L3430 (all), L345/II, L3450 (all), L35, L3540GST/HST/HSTC, L355SS, L35TL/TLB, L3600 (all), L3650 (all), L3710 (all), L3750, L3750DT/F, L3830 (all), L39, L3940DT/GST/HST/HSTC, L405, L4150, L4150DT/DTN/DTNF, L4200 (all), L4300DT/F, L4310 (all), L4330 (all), L4350 (all), L4400 (all), L440FV, L4610 (all), L4630 (all), L4850 (all), L48TL/TLB, L5030 (all), L5450 (all), M4050, M4500, M4700, M4700DT, M4800, M4800SU, M4900 (all), M5400, M5400DT/DTN, M5700 (all), MX5000DT/F. Excavator: L5450.
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Interchange 15521-43160,1552143160GV,42534636GV,
Net Weight (lbs) 0.19
Brand Baldwin
Make Type Model
AGCO Tractor ST35
AGCO Tractor ST35H
AGCO Tractor ST35x
AGCO Tractor ST40
AGCO Tractor ST40H
AGCO Tractor ST40X
AGCO Tractor ST45
AGCO Tractor ST45H
AGCO Tractor ST47A
AGCO Tractor ST52A
AGCO Tractor ST55
AGCO Tractor ST60A
Case IH Tractor D30
Case IH Tractor D35
Case IH Tractor D40
Case IH Tractor D45
Case IH Tractor DX35
Case IH Tractor DX40
Case IH Tractor DX45
Case IH Tractor DX48
Case IH Tractor DX55
Case IH Tractor DX60
Case IH Tractor Farmall 40
Case IH Tractor Farmall 40B CVT
Case IH Tractor Farmall 45
Case IH Tractor Farmall 45A
Case IH Tractor Farmall 50
Case IH Tractor Farmall 55
Case IH Tractor Farmall 55A
Case IH Tractor Farmall 60
Ford-New Holland Tractor 1900
Ford-New Holland Tractor 1910
Ford-New Holland Tractor 1920
Ford-New Holland Tractor 2110
Ford-New Holland Tractor 2120
Ford-New Holland Tractor 3415
Ford-New Holland Tractor Boomer 8N
Ford-New Holland Tractor T1530
Ford-New Holland Tractor TC35
Ford-New Holland Tractor TC35A
Ford-New Holland Tractor TC35D
Ford-New Holland Tractor TC35DA
Ford-New Holland Tractor TC40
Ford-New Holland Tractor TC40A
Ford-New Holland Tractor TC40D
Ford-New Holland Tractor TC40DA
Ford-New Holland Tractor TC45
Ford-New Holland Tractor TC45A
Ford-New Holland Tractor TC45D
Ford-New Holland Tractor TC45DA
Ford-New Holland Tractor TC48DA
Ford-New Holland Tractor TC55DA
Ford-New Holland Tractor TT45A
Ford-New Holland Tractor TT50A
John Deere Tractor 1070
John Deere Tractor 4500
John Deere Tractor 4510
John Deere Tractor 4600
John Deere Tractor 4610
John Deere Tractor 4700
John Deere Tractor 4710
John Deere Tractor 870
John Deere Tractor 955
John Deere Tractor 970
John Deere Tractor 990
Kioti Tractor CK25
Kioti Tractor CK25H
Kioti Tractor CK27
Kioti Tractor CK27HST
Kioti Tractor CK30
Kioti Tractor CK30H
Kioti Tractor CK35
Kioti Tractor CK35HST
Kioti Tractor DK35
Kioti Tractor DK35SE
Kioti Tractor DK35SE HST
Kioti Tractor DK40
Kioti Tractor DK40SE
Kioti Tractor DK40SE HST
Kioti Tractor DK45
Kioti Tractor DK45S
Kioti Tractor DK45SE
Kioti Tractor DK45SE HST
Kioti Tractor DK50
Kioti Tractor DK50C
Kioti Tractor DK50SE HST
Kioti Tractor LB2202
Kioti Tractor LB2204
Kioti Tractor LB2214
Kioti Tractor LB2614
Kioti Tractor LK2554
Kioti Tractor LK30
Kioti Tractor LK3052
Kioti Tractor LK3054
Kioti Tractor LK3504
Kubota Tractor L2250
Kubota Tractor L234
Kubota Tractor L2550
Kubota Tractor L2650
Kubota Tractor L275
Kubota Tractor L2850
Kubota Tractor L2900
Kubota Tractor L2950
Kubota Tractor L3010
Kubota Tractor L3130
Kubota Tractor L3240
Kubota Tractor L3250
Kubota Tractor L3300
Kubota Tractor L3350
Kubota Tractor L3410
Kubota Tractor L3430
Kubota Tractor L3450
Kubota Tractor L35
Kubota Tractor L3540
Kubota Tractor L355
Kubota Tractor L3600
Kubota Tractor L3650
Kubota Tractor L3710
Kubota Tractor L3750
Kubota Tractor L3830
Kubota Tractor L39
Kubota Tractor L3940
Kubota Tractor L405
Kubota Tractor L4150
Kubota Tractor L4200
Kubota Tractor L4240
Kubota Tractor L4300
Kubota Tractor L4310
Kubota Tractor L4330
Kubota Tractor L4350
Kubota Tractor L4400
Kubota Tractor L45
Kubota Tractor L4600
Kubota Tractor L4610
Kubota Tractor L4630
Kubota Tractor L4740
Kubota Tractor L48
Kubota Tractor L4850
Kubota Tractor L5030
Kubota Tractor L5040
Kubota Tractor L5240
Kubota Tractor L5450
Kubota Tractor L5740
Kubota Tractor M4700
Kubota Tractor M4800SU
Kubota Tractor M4900
Kubota Tractor M5400
Kubota Tractor M5700
Kubota Tractor M59
Kubota Tractor MX4700
Kubota Tractor MX5000
Kubota Tractor MX5100
Mahindra Tractor 4510
McCormick Tractor GX40
McCormick Tractor GX40H
McCormick Tractor GX45
McCormick Tractor GX45H
McCormick Tractor GX50
McCormick Tractor GX50H
Montana Tractor 2740
Montana Tractor 3240
Montana Tractor 3440HST
White Tractor FB31
White Tractor FB37
Yanmar Tractor F320
Yanmar Tractor F32ex
Yanmar Tractor F360
Yanmar Tractor F37ex
Yanmar Tractor F420
Yanmar Tractor F42ex
Yanmar Tractor YB231
Yanmar Tractor YB251
Yanmar Tractor YB281
Yanmar Tractor YB401
Yanmar Tractor YB451

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