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Filter, In-Line Fuel. 1-29/32 inch OD, 5/16 inch Inlet, 5/16 inch Outlet, 4-5/32 Length. Kubota: Tractor: B6000, BX22, BX24, BX25, BX25D, BX1500D, BX1800, BX1830, BX1850, BX1860, BX1870, BX2200, BX2230, BX2350D, BX2360, BX2370, BX2660, BX2660D, BX2670; Excavator: K008-3, KH101, KH151, KH191, KH31, KH35, KH36, KH41, KH50, KH51, KH55, KH60, KH66, KH90, KX36, KX41, KX61, KX71, KX101, KX101H, KX151, KX151H; Mower: F1900, F2260, F2560, F2680, F2690, F2880, F3060, F3080, F3560, F3680, F3990, G18, G1700, G1800, G1900, G2000, G2160, G2460, G4200, G5200, G6200, GF1800, GR1800, GR2010, GT850, GZD15HD, T1600, T1810, TG1860, ZD18, ZD21, ZD21, ZD221, ZD25F, ZD28, ZD321, ZD323, ZD326, ZD331, ZG222, ZG227, ZG327P; Utility Vehicle: RTV900, RTV1100, RTV1140.
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Interchange 12581-43012,1258143012GV,800848M91,A780X9155AA,A780X-9155-AA,TP-AE29052GV,
Net Weight (lbs) 0.22
Brand Baldwin
Make Type Model
Ford-New Holland Tractor 1020
Ford-New Holland Tractor 1025
Ford-New Holland Tractor 1030
Ford-New Holland Tractor BOOMER 1020
Ford-New Holland Tractor BOOMER 1025
Ford-New Holland Tractor BOOMER 1030
John Deere Skidsteer Loader 125
John Deere Skidsteer Loader 240
John Deere Skidsteer Loader 250
John Deere Skidsteer Loader 260
John Deere Skidsteer Loader 270
John Deere Skidsteer Loader 280
John Deere Skidsteer Loader 317
John Deere Skidsteer Loader 320
John Deere Skidsteer Loader 325
John Deere Skidsteer Loader 328
John Deere Skidsteer Loader 575
John Deere Skidsteer Loader 675
John Deere Skidsteer Loader 675B
John Deere Windrower 2250
John Deere Windrower 2270
John Deere Windrower 800
John Deere Windrower 830
Kubota Excavator K008
Kubota Excavator KH007
Kubota Excavator KH101
Kubota Excavator KH151
Kubota Excavator KH191
Kubota Excavator KH35
Kubota Excavator KH36
Kubota Excavator KH41
Kubota Excavator KH50
Kubota Excavator KH51
Kubota Excavator KH60
Kubota Excavator KH61
Kubota Excavator KH66
Kubota Excavator KH90
Kubota Excavator KH91
Kubota Excavator KX101
Kubota Excavator KX151
Kubota Excavator KX41-H
Kubota Excavator KX71
Kubota Lawn Mower GF1800
Kubota Lawn Mower ZD18F
Kubota Lawn Mower ZD21F
Kubota Lawn Mower ZD28F
Kubota Tractor B6000
Kubota Tractor BX1500
Kubota Tractor BX1800
Kubota Tractor BX22
Kubota Tractor BX2230
Kubota Tractor F2260
Kubota Tractor F2560
Kubota Tractor F3060
Kubota Tractor G1700
Kubota Tractor G1800
Kubota Tractor G1900
Kubota Tractor G2000
Kubota Tractor G2160
Kubota Tractor G2460
Kubota Tractor G3200
Kubota Tractor G4200
Kubota Tractor G5200
Kubota Tractor G6200
Kubota Tractor T1600
Kubota Wheel Loader R400
Kubota Wheel Loader R400B

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