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ATV spreaders are easy to attach and provide a quick solution to spreading dry material. This spreader, made by FIMCO, has a 145 lb. capacity and can distribute up to 50 ft. of material at a time.
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Feature description Easily attached to any ATV, this ATV dry material spreader distributes a variety of granules, including, but not limited to, seed, pellets, and fertilizer. Designed by FIMCO, this 2.2 cubic foot spreader can hold up to 145 lbs. of potash or 99 lbs. of urea. It also includes a 12 volt motor with a connected VSC-10, which allows the user to vary the speed and spread control. From its lowest setting, it will spread 5 ft. of product, with each increment increasing in five feet up to 50 feet. A stainless steel, six blade radial fan resists wear and tear from regular use.
Brand AgSmart
  • This ATV spreader is perfect for spreading seed, dry granular materials, and ice melting materials.
  • The spreaders variable speed 12 volt motor allows you to vary the spread with from 5 to 45 feet.
  • An adjustable slide gate controls the amount of material thrown - open or close with the turn of a handle.
  • Features a 2.2 cubit foot poly hopper, stainless steel radial 6-blade fan.

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